Arya Green Infotech mainly focuses on the SME industry and hence brings a comprehensive ERP software solution SAP Business One. We offer this software product for all SMEs. SAP Business One is a single, integrated business solution which can manage entire business operations easily. With this lucrative solution, entrepreneurs can handle all the business aspects in a hassle-free manner and find the great experience of running business digitally.

SAP Business One comes with various businesses beneficial attributes. And Arya Green Infotech strives to endeavor all these in a customized form and helps to solve your functional issues simply.

See a Glimpse on SAP Business One Attributes:

  • MRP II & Production

Find widespread material management facility, including order and stock-related production, diverse and variant production, and other production controls.

  • Dashboards

Develop custom dashboards for a business venture with a full, 360-degree view of your businesses and improve operative reporting with flexible ad-hoc analysis and queries.

  • Multiple Warehouse Management

Improve inventory management system through superior warehouse and bin site tracking service.

  • Supply Chain & Sales Management

Customized purchase order and sales order management comprise the blanket orders and computerized transactions based on EDI industry standards.

sap business
  • Quality Controls

Easily plan and perform quality test processes during the material flow from the initial procurement throughout the manufacturing procedure.

  • Cost Estimation

Develop estimates for standard goods or quotations for custom development orders and easily compute profit margins.

SAP Business One Benefits
  • Traceability Through Processes

    • With complete ‘field-to-fork’ capability built-in, our solution provides instant visibility over food safety performance regulations and regulatory compliance.The ability to easily map all associated traceability transactions in order to understand, and better react to a recall strengthens legal compliance, with advanced shelf-life control helping to avoid waste costs.
  • Quality Control & Standards

    • Stringent quality checks at every step of the production process, from purchase goods receipt through to customer delivery ensure the highest levels of quality control across the business, including first class management of ingredient declarations for increased compliance and extra reassurance.
  • Stock Visibility

    • Our solution provides new depth of visibility and control over stock, helping you to reduce waste, while streamlining your inventory and increasing efficiency.
    • With advance forecasting as standard, you can better predict future requirements, holding less stock and resulting in a more dynamic inventory function.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

    • With advanced quality controls, we can ensure that our customer is getting high quality products they can expect from our company.