Each business has a unique need in its overall internal processes. While SAP Business One will cover most of the business needs, there are always certain business features which you wish you had. Having such features will help enhance the efficiency down to the micro-level. Plus, add-ons also help you leverage the boundless capabiliy of SAP BusinessOne, and make it work for you exactly the way you want it.

  • Customize Add On

    We offers a range of SAP Business One add-ons to enhance your specific business requirements and functions. We have developed add-ons by keeping in mind various operational requirements of different enterprises. We provides business solutions to companies of various industry verticals like Manufacturing, Packaging, Wholesale & Distribution, Engineering Industry, Professional Services, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Retail, Chemicals and Dyes and Agriculture.

  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Add-On Extension
  • Add-On Cloud
  • EXIM
  • Human Resource
  • Discrete and Process Manufacturing
SAP Business One Benefits
  • Add-On Strength

    The SAP business one add-on package provides customers the ability to configure functionalities according to the needs of the end users. The package has been made to be quite user friendly and allows configuration of functionalities and tasks that were previously possible only with costly development practices. SAP business one add-on extends the capabilities of the enterprise resource planning platform designed to enable both growing, small sized companies and large enterprises to better manage their operations.

  • Industry Specific

    For businesses with industry specific requirements, SAP B1 add-on offers tools to easily snap a commercial extension and bridge the challenges. It’s also easy installing other types of Windows applications.

  • Easy To Use

    SAP B1 add-on makes it very easy for the regular businessman to reap the benefits of the platform. Users can even choose to refine solutions according to their needs, making the overall platform easy to use.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

    With advanced quality controls, you can ensure that your customer is getting high quality products they can expect from your company.

Arya Green Infotech Offerings:

  • License Procurement– we are the channel Partner of SAP and provides the SAP License procurement and deployment services to its end customers.
  • Implementation & Customization– experienced consultants, with an expertise in providing services to different industry verticals, offer the implementation and customization services for SAP B1.
  • Add- Ons Development– has developed add-ons like Manufacturing, Pharma, Hospital, Fisheries, Retail, Education and E-Commerce Integration. We also provide industry specific add-on development services. Our add-on services include development, upgrade and support.

SAP Business One Features:

  • Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Project Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales, Purchase & Production

ERP Solution for Many Business Benefits

  • Customizing
    Customize Solution
  • Return On Investment
    Return On Investment
  • mobility
    Mobility Solution
  • Increase Revenue
    Increase Revenue