It is a comprehensive product that takes care of all the processes: from storage, thawing, eviscerating, washing, loin cooling, packing in cans, filling solution, seaming, can washing, sterilization, can cooling, can dying, storage, labelling, to loading & shipment. Being a feature-rich solution, it helps businesses manage the complexity of inventory, sales, purchase, formula, quality assurance, costing, and compliance while meeting their deliveries exactly on-time. Above all, the system offers complete accountability and tracking of by-products and waste that can be used in producing other high-revenue generating items.

  • MRP II & Production

    Extensive material management features including order and stock-related production, mixed and variant production, and other production controls.

  • Dashboards

    Create custom dashboards to have a full, 360 degree view of your business and enhance operative reporting with flexible ad-hoc queries and analysis.

  • Multiple Warehouse Management

    Enhance inventory management through advanced warehouse and bin location tracking.

  • Fish
  • Fish Supply
  • Supply Chain & Sales Management

    Supply sales order and purchase order management including blanket orders and automated transactions based on EDI industry standards.

  • Quality Controls

    Plan and execute quality tests during the material flow from the initial procurement throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Cost Estimation

    Prepare estimates for standard products or quotations for custom manufacturing orders and easily calculate profit margins.

SAP Business One Benefits
  • Stay On-Time and On-Schedule

    Provide aggressive delivery times you can stick to by reducing lead time and optimizing processes.

  • Accurate Quoting

    Provides detailed quotes and easily manage your employees, resources, and materials.

  • Reduce Preproduction Time

    Improve planning, communications and responsiveness to ever-changing requirements, allowing you to start your projects faster.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

    With advanced quality controls, you can ensure that your customer is getting high quality products they can expect from your company

Arya Green Infotech

  • Master Production Schedule
  • Production Monitoring and Control
  • Material requirements planning
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Vessel and Vendor Management

Solution Offerings:

  • Production Scheduling
  • Project & Production Management
  • Resource Management & Planning
  • Analytics & Reports (EU/IUU) Management

ERP Solution for Many Business Benefits

  • Customizing
    Customize Solution
  • Return On Investment
    Return On Investment
  • mobility
    Mobility Solution
  • Increase Revenue
    Increase Revenue