Our solution will also integrate with and provide valuable data entry points for the clinical validation of new drugs, devices, and medical interventions. Our platform will allow the gathering of information from participants, to data collection to adherence, clinical trials will help resolve the logistical challenges like those already being addressed by health tech’s major innovators. The tracking of patient-reported outcomes could be done using wearable’s and smart phones that download data.

  • Administration

    HCS is one solution for Accounts, Billing, Payroll, Administration, Patient Management, Purchasing and Store.

  • Dashboards

    Create custom dashboards to have a full, 360 degree view of your business and enhance operative reporting with flexible ad-hoc queries and analysis.

  • Multiple Location Management

    Flexible architecture to accommodate multiple units and location.

  • OT
  • Services
  • Analysis Management

    The gathering, management, and dissemination of health information, including images and data, that is useful in disease diagnostics, prevention, and treatment.

  • Quality Controls

    Optimize patient engagement with increased and relevant information and transparency into care.

  • Patient Profile

    Provide a single view of the patient, and share medical insight across departments and organizations.

SAP Business One Benefits
  • Patient Care

    Gain direct access, at point of care, to cross-discipline patient data and documents. Easily examine connections between medical conditions and genetic variants.

  • Data Modeling

    Create an agile and flexible warehouse using a predefined and extensible data model for clinical, administrative, and genomics information.

  • Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is mission critical today – and will become even more important over time. The result will be a new era of digital connection, enhancing access to healthcare information and innovation for providers and patients alike.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

    With advanced quality controls, you can ensure that your customer is getting high quality products they can expect from your company

Arya Green Infotech

  • IPD & OPD Management
  • OT Management
  • Pharmacy and Pathology Management
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management

Solution Offerings:

  • Patient Data & Medial History
  • Traceability
  • Resource Management & Planning
  • Alerts & Notifications

ERP Solution for Many Business Benefits

  • Customizing
    Customize Solution
  • Return On Investment
    Return On Investment
  • mobility
    Mobility Solution
  • Increase Revenue
    Increase Revenue